What is Rakeback?

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What is Rakeback? - Stake VIP Exclusive Features

The exclusive Stake VIP Club has a stellar reputation and is coveted by players worldwide. Rakeback is just one of the many ways we reward our VIP members, giving back so you can continue to enjoy the plethora of award-winning content available in the Stake Casino lobby!

With so many lucrative rewards up for grabs, we like to keep you updated so you don’t miss out. This is why you’ll find many helpful and informative articles on the Stake blog to help answer your questions about the multi-tiered VIP program.

Read on to discover more about the rakeback promotion available for Stake VIPs and what you need to do to join the ranks of this revered VIP Club.

What is Rakeback?

When you become a Stake VIP player, you open the doors to a fantastic selection of exclusive promotions, of which rakeback is just one.

Rakeback bonuses are a form of passive earnings, rewarding you simply for playing casino games. Whether you’re a fan of classic table games or immersive action-themed video slots , you can start getting rakeback bonuses paid into your account at Stake.com.

How Does Rakeback Work?

Stake VIP casino rakeback is similar to rakeback, commonly used in online poker when a player receives a percentage of the rake charged on tournament entry fees or cash game pots.

This translates to online casino games by awarding players a percentage of the house edge back. As a Stake VIP player, you'll get part of the pie when rakeback is activated on your account! Players are awarded 5% of the house edge back on every wager you place on a casino game at Stake, whether that’s live dealer games , video poker or one of the latest releases from our award-winning content providers .

What’s more, not only does this apply to all your casino game wagering going forward, but you’ll also get rakeback for previous wagers placed, provided your account has remained active leading up to the promo.

Rakeback is not available on sports betting, but you’ll find other fantastic sportsbook-specific promotions if betting on Stake Sportsbook is your preference.

How can I get a Rakeback Promotion?

When it comes to earning the rakeback promotion at Stake, there are a couple of ways for you to activate it.

The first and arguably easiest way is to follow one of our Twitch or YouTube streamer partners. You can also simply play our casino game favourites , and once you’ve reached bronze VIP status, your account is automatically eligible for rakeback and other rewarding benefits .

What is Stake's VIP Program & How can I Join?

Now that you know how this exciting program works, you’re probably wondering how to get a Stake VIP bonus. Well, it couldn’t be easier because you become eligible to join our loyalty program simply by playing our games.

The program's tiered structure is based on your wagering activity, so you can gain entry into the club, starting at the bronze level, once you’ve reached the 10,000 wagering requirement. It’s important to remember that wagering requirements are in place to ensure you can prove your potential before gaining access to the full range of VIP benefits.

You can learn more about our exclusive club with our VIP FAQs.

Other Exclusive VIP Benefits

Rakeback is only part of the benefits package of our Stake VIP club. Depending on your VIP level, you can look forward to a bunch of different bonuses and exclusive benefits, including some of the following:

  • Level Up Bonuses – As you progress through the program, you earn rewards for reaching milestones. Every time you reach the next level of our program, you’ll earn a once-off level-up reward.

  • Weekly Boost – Weekly boosts are given out every Saturday and can be found posted in the exclusive VIP-only Telegram group .

  • Monthly Bonus – Monthly bonuses are available for VIPs of all levels and are issued around the middle of each month. You’ll need to check your email inbox to find your bespoke monthly bonus.

  • Dedicated VIP Host – once you reach Platinum IV status, you’ll get a dedicated VIP host to help you with personalised support and offer customised recommendations and exclusive perks. Check out our blog to find out more about having your own dedicated VIP Host .

  • Reload Bonus – VIP players who have reached Platinum IV status can earn no-strings-attached reload bonuses that offer regular frequency bonuses to claim over a specific time.

  • Diamond VIP Customised Rewards – Our Diamond VIPs can choose their own adventure. If you’d like to see something specific made available to you as a reward for your loyalty, then your VIP host can help. Just let them know the specific customisation you’re looking for, then sit back and watch them work their magic.