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Mission statement

Stake is dedicated to fostering responsible gambling practices to all customers on our platform and within our community. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are educated on our various responsible gambling tools available for use, promote gambling as a form of entertainment and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their gambling activities.

5 Tips For Effective Management Of Your Gambling Activities

  • Effective management of your gambling activities can be done by prioritizing other recreational activities too

  • Before a gambling session, have a plan in mind of how much you want to spend gambling, and how long you will be gambling for

  • Do not spend more than what you can afford to lose

  • Understanding the odds and knowing the risks associated with gambling

  • Identify when you are no longer having fun or where gambling has become a problem for you, and stop

  • Set loss limits , wager limits to assist with managing your gambling activities

Knowing the Odds

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about gambling - understanding the odds of gambling helps put the chances of winning into perspective.

Stake offers two products, Casino and Sportsbook.

Both products have different win rates and probability that players need to be aware of, which will help to understand the risks associated with gambling.

House Advantage/House Edge

Games have a house edge to ensure a percentage of the total amount wagered is returned to the House, which in this case is Stake.


All gambling has an element of randomness - there is no way to control the outcome of any casino game or sporting event.

Independent Outcomes

Games/Spins are not related. Their outcomes are not dependent on how much, or how long, you’ve previously played the game for.

Odds and Probability

Odds and probability are ways to describe your chances of winning. Whilst the odds can appear to be low, there are no certainties in betting.

Introducing Our Responsible Gambling Tools

Gambling should always be a form of entertainment. In order to assist you in keeping your gambling activities fun, Stake has a range of responsible gambling tools which you are able to make use of at any point in time.

Play for fun, not for funds.

Gambling Limits

Loss limit

A loss limit allows you to set a limit on how much you can afford to lose over your set period of time. The limit can be set over a period of one day, one week or one month. It is a net loss limit. Profits made during your set period will not count towards your limit amount. If you are profitable during the set period, you are able to use your profits to continue to wager and bet until you reach your loss limit. Unsettled bets count towards the limit. Please check your unsettled bets if you are unable to place bets, as these unsettled bets may be causing you to reach your limit.

Wager limit

A wager limit (or betting limit) allows you to set a limit on how much you can wager over your set period of time. The maximum bet limit can be set over a period of one day, one week or one month. The limit is not a net limit so profits are excluded. This means, if you are profitable during the period these profits are not offset against your maximum bet limit.

To increase or decrease your limits you must remove existing limits and create new limits. Upon removing limits a 24-hour cool off period will commence before you are able to create your new limit.


A self-exclusion tool offers the ability to suspend all access to your account should you feel that you are at risk of developing a gambling problem , or in some cases, believe you currently have one.

The available periods are as follows:

  • 6 Months

  • 1 Year

  • Indefinite

In the event an indefinite exclusion is set, access to your account(s) will remain blocked until such time should you actively request to revoke the indefinite exclusion. The indefinite exclusion imposes a minimum exclusion period of at least 6 months, from the date of application. Once the 6 month period has lapsed, your account can be considered for reactivation subject to a formal return to play review.

In order to initiate the review process, please contact our support team via email.

Temporary Exclusion

Stake also provides alternative options to suspend your account temporary, known as temporary exclusion . Whether you would like to take a break from gambling to re-evaluate your personal goals, save some money or simply spend time on other activities, the option is made available to you.

The available periods are as follows:

  • 1 Day

  • 1 Week

  • 1 Month

  • 3 Months

Note: Stake reserves the right to self-exclude a customers account should we determine that gambling may not be safe for you to continue.

Application of Temporary Exclusion or Self-Exclusion

1. Upon initial application, your account will enter into a 24 hour cooling off period

2. Once 24 hour cooling off period has lapsed, you will be presented the applicable timeframes

3. In the event no self-exclusion period is selected, your account will reopen automatically

4. No further activity will be permitted once the exclusion has been applied and taken effect

5. It will not be possible to reactivate your account until the chosen time period has lapsed

6. Where a defined self-exclusion is in effect, your account will automatically reactivate once the chosen time period has lapsed

7. Where an indefinite self-exclusion is in effect, whether applied by the client or operator, a minimum of 6 months must pass before the account can be considered for review

Help Organizations

If you are worried about yourself, or if someone you know is having problems managing their gambling, there are several external support agencies that can assist with providing advice.

Gamblers Anonymous


Gambling Therapy


Contact:  [email protected]

The National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling provides a range of resources, including answers to commonly asked questions, a gambling behavior self-assessment, information about treatment and the National Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-GAMBLER) to connect you with help in your state (Canada).

Tel:+18004262537 Chat:


Gamtalk provides information on helplines, treatment and online resources from organizations around the world dedicated to helping those struggling with problem gambling.


Minors does not support underage gambling.

Underage gambling is illegal, and is defined as anyone who is under the age of 18 years old at the time of account registration.

No winnings should be paid to such players if identified as someone who is underage.

Tips for Parents

  • Do not leave your computer unattended when your casino software is running.

  • Password-protect your casino program.

  • Do not allow minors to participate in any gambling activity.

  • Keep your casino account number and payment card(s) out of reach of minors.

  • Do not save passwords onto your computer.

  • Limit the amount of time your children spend online and make use of software to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate material.

Gambling Blocks

There are gambling site blocker apps available to help restrict access to gambling websites as a protective measure in safeguarding yourself, or in some instances, safeguarding the risk of gambling exposure to a minor. Betblocker


Netnanny offers protective measures which varies from website and app blocks to parental controls.



Gamblock is a mobile app that blocks access to thousands of gambling websites and provides access to useful resources. Website:

*Stake does not accept any liability in respect of any third-party software.