July 21, 2024

11:00 PM

Calgary Stampeders - British Columbia Lions
Winner (Incl. Overtime)
July 26, 2024

11:30 PM

Ottawa Redblacks - Calgary Stampeders
Winner (Incl. Overtime)
July 27, 2024

11:00 PM

Toronto Argonauts - Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Winner (Incl. Overtime)
July 28, 2024

11:00 PM

Edmonton Elks - Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

CFL Betting Odds & Lines

The Canadian Football League might not be as popular as the NFL in the United States, but it still draws big audiences weekly throughout the regular season. If you’re a CFL fan, the good news is that you can bet on Canadian games each week at the Stake online sportsbook , as we explain below.

What is the CFL?

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is a professional American football competition in Canada . The CFL, the highest level of football competition in Canada consists of nine teams, each located in a different city. The Edmonton Elks are the most decorated team in CFL history, with 11 titles as of 2023.

What is the difference between CFL and NFL?

The difference between the CFL and the NFL is that the CFL is the Canadian professional football league, while the NFL is the American professional football league. Of course, the NFL has a much higher profile than the CFL, but they’re both professional football leagues in North America.

When was the 2023 CFL season?

The 2023 CFL season was the 65th in the competition’s history; the regular season will ran from June 8 until October 28, 2023. As always, the CFL season culminates with the Grey Cup, which was played at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton on November 19, 2023.

History of the CFL

The Canadian Football League was officially established on January 19, 1958, following a merger between the country's Eastern and Western football unions. By 1961, the intersectional play had been introduced.

While the Elks have won the CFL the most in history, they’re only the second most successful team in Grey Cup history, with 14 wins.

The Toronto Argonauts have won the most Grey Cups (18), with their most recent triumph coming in 2022.

Other successful teams in CFL history include the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (12 Grey Cups), the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8), and the Calgary Stampeders (8). Hamilton will undoubtedly be hoping to win the Grey Cup this year on home soil, even though their last triumph came way back in 1999.

Which teams play in the CFL?

The CFL is unique in many respects, as it’s a league of one-city teams. The current roster of teams is as follows (with their respective Grey Cup triumphs in brackets):

  • Toronto Argonauts (18)

  • Edmonton Elks (14)

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers (12)

  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8)

  • Calgary Stampeders (8)

  • Montreal Alouettes (7)

  • BC Lions (6)

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders (4)

  • Ottawa Redblacks (1)

Format & schedule of the CFL 2023

The 65th season of the CFL kicked off on June 9, 2023, where the Stampeders faced off against the Lions in the season opener.

The regular season ran until week 21 on October 28 before the Eastern and Western semi-finals on November 4.

The Eastern and Western finals were held a week later on November 11, followed by the season finale and the 110th Grey Cup on November 19.

How to bet on CFL & football bet types

Betting on the Canadian Football League at is straightforward, and the following bet types are available to you:

  • Winner (including overtime): A straight-up bet on the team you think will win a particular CFL fixture.

  • Handicap (including overtime): A wager on the winning team of a CFL fixture with a handicap applied to the favourite.

  • Total (including overtime): A bet on the total number of points (over/under) to be scored in a specific fixture.

  • 1x2: A bet on one of three outcomes – home win, tie, or away win.

  • Half-time/full-time: A wager on the team you think will be winning at half-time, followed by the team that will win the match outright.

  • Halves: Bets specific to each half in a CFL match.

  • Quarters: Bets specific to each quarter in a CFL match.

  • Player props: Proposition bets that you can place on a CFL match, including things like the next player to score a field goal or the number of fair catches recorded. You can also place team props on the CFL at

Live betting options for CFL

If you want to supplement your pre-match CFL betting strategy, you can add some live bets to the place when the action gets underway. Many live American football bets are tied to player props and include things like the number of field goals, TDs, or interceptions made in a play.

Check out our comprehensive guide for more information about the differences between pre-match and live betting .

CFL betting odds & payouts

You can view CFL odds in any way that you choose – in the American format, as decimals or as fractions. Make sure you can identify the favourite and the underdog before betting so you’re aware of who is most likely to win a given fixture.

As a crypto sportsbook, we process withdrawals instantly, ensuring you can access any winnings from your CFL bets without delay. Find out more about the deposit and withdrawal options open to you at Stake.

CFL betting tips, picks & strategies

To help you make some winning selections when the CFL action gets underway in June, here are some American football betting tips to consider:

  • Be sure to bet on the action throughout the regular season and post-season playoff matches.

  • Turn to player and team prop betting opportunies to add value to your betting slip, as there are many sports betting markets to explore.

  • Make sure you understand the basics of American football and notice the betting trends. It makes sense to watch some games in the CFL before placing your bets.

  • Take home advantage into account when betting on the CFL, as it plays a significant role in the outcome of regular season matches.

As well as CFL, check out other upcoming sports you can bet on to get the most out of online sports betting at You can also refer to our handy sports betting guide or our American football betting guide for more tips to help you place your wagers.