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Darts Betting & Odds at Stake Online Sportsbook

Darts has become a much-loved spectator sport in several European countries, and a night at the darts is something that many sports fans look forward to. But do you understand darts odds and how to profit from the sport?

At Stake.com, you can easily place bets on the biggest darts leagues, darts matches and tournaments on the calendar, whether you’re watching the action live or at home.

You can place bets on all the big tournaments at Stake, including the PDC World Championship, Premier League Darts , World Matchplay , and Grand Slam of Darts , among others.

So, read on to find out what you need to know about darts odds and how to make a profit from betting on this much-loved sport at Stake online sportsbook .

Major Darts Leagues and Tournaments

Many of the biggest darts tournaments are held in the UK, as the British public has a love affair with a night at the darts. Some of the biggest darts tournaments with the biggest prizes include:

  • PDC World Championship : Easily the most significant event on the darts calendar, the winner of the World Championship walks away with £500,000. Hosted at the iconic Alexandra Palace, the PDC World Championship is unmissable for all darts fans.

  • Premier League Darts : Running from February to May each year, the Premier League is where legends make their name - Michael Van Gerwen is one of the most successful players in PLD history, with five titles.

  • World Matchplay : Usually held in Blackpool, the World Matchplay is another popular event on the darts calendar, with a winning prize of £150,000.

  • Grand Slam of Darts : Another big tournament on the darts calendar is the Grand Slam, which takes place in November. You will see most of the world’s biggest names compete for the winning prize of £125,000; such is the allure of the Grand Slam event.

Types of Darts Bets

As is the case with betting on all sports, there are multiple types of bets that you can place using darts odds. Discover our wide range of dart betting options online at Stake:

Outright winner

Perhaps the most straightforward darts bet is picking the outright winner. You can place a wager on who you think will emerge victorious at the end of a game or even at the end of the tournament. You can choose one of the favourites, or if you think an underdog is capable of an upset, you can place an outright winner bet accordingly to make a profit.

Number of sets

Darts games take a best-of-sets format, and each competition varies in terms of how many sets are played. In the World Darts Championship, for instance, rounds 1 and 2 are best-of-five, 3 and 4 are best-of-seven, while the quarters and semis are best-of-nine. The final match is best-of-thirteen sets and often goes the distance. So, you can place a bet on how many sets you think will be played in each of the games within a major darts competition.

Correct score bet (sets)

As well as betting on the number of sets, you can place a wager on the correct score. For example, you might fancy one player for a 3-0 whitewash at the start of a tournament.

Set handicap

To level the playing field, you can place a set handicap bet on a darts game. Here, the favourite is given a handicap. In contrast, the underdog is given a headstart, and your job is to place a bet accordingly on who you think will emerge victorious after the handicap has been considered. Handicap betting is popular amongst darts bettors, as well as a range of other sports.

Tournament outrights

One of the most popular methods of darts betting is picking a tournament winner. You can place a bet on the player you think will win an upcoming league, event, or tournament before a single dart is thrown. You can then sit back and enjoy the action unfolding at the oche.

Darts Betting Tips & Strategies for Success

Darts is a unique sport in many respects, meaning that it’s important to develop a strategy before placing your bets. Some tips you can follow when building your darts betting slip include:

  • Crowd advantage plays a huge part in the outcome of darts tournaments, particularly in major events. Just like betting on football and other sports, consider home advantage and the popularity of the players before placing your bets.

  • In darts, shorter formats can often yield strange results, which is important to consider when betting. Therefore, in the shorter best-of games, it’s typically worth backing an outsider.

  • As well as the above darts betting options introduced, consider the range of side markets available. Darts proposition bets are particularly popular, and you can bet on things like which player will score the most 180s in a tournament. Prop bets are a great way to build value into your betting slip.

Discover more of our elite sports betting tips online to learn more about how to bet online successfully at Stake.com.

Live Betting Options for Darts

Given the allure of the major darts competitions on the calendar, you can place a selection of live bets on darts at Stake.com. Live bets are popular because they invite you to consider a player’s form and performance before parting with your money.

You can bet on who will win a particular set and whether a player will hit a 180, for instance, making things more exciting when watching the live action unfold in front of you.

Darts Betting Odds & Payouts

Depending on where you’re based and where you’re betting from, darts odds can be represented as fractional (3/1), decimal (3.00), or American (+300). You can adjust how the odds are displayed in your Stake.com account to make your life easier.

As for payouts, Stake.com offers instant withdrawals, ensuring you can access your winnings immediately after the action ends.

Why Bet on Darts on Stake.com?

Stake sportsbook is the ideal place to find a range of darts betting options, thanks to the huge number of tournaments and events covered and the broad number of markets available. You can get started at Stake.com right away by loading crypto units into your account. From there, you can then bet on every major darts competition on the calendar with all your favourite darts players.

Interesting Fact about Darts Odds and Betting

Did you know? Darts is a great sport in which to bet on the underdog. One of the most memorable upsets in recent memory was when Michael Smith defeated Phil “The Power” Taylor in the 2014 World Championship.

Taylor was going for his 17th title, but Smith completed a 128 checkout with a bullseye to stun the crowd and knock out the favourite. It shows that betting on the underdog can pay off in the biggest darts tournaments.