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Dota 2 Betting and Odds Online

eSports leagues and tournaments have exploded in popularity, and fans can now place bets on the most significant eSports events on the calendar with Dota 2 betting online at Stake.

If you know anything about eSports, you’ll be aware that Dota 2 is one of the biggest games online, attracting players and fans worldwide.

Dota 2 is what is known as a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA for short), in which teams compete to destroy a large structure that their opponents defend.

In the game, players can “level up,” acquiring new abilities and items that can strengthen their position within the map, ultimately helping them defeat the opposing team.

At Stake.com, you can bet on a broad range of Dota 2 leagues, tournaments, and events, including the popular Fissure League and PGL. There are also multiple eSports betting options for you to consider, including the likes of map winners, correct scores within specific maps, streak of kills, and outright winner markets.

You can create an account at Stake.com for free and benefit from super-fast deposits and instant withdrawals in your local currency , Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies , providing a hassle-free online betting experience.

Learn everything you need about Esports betting , Dota 2 betting and how you can back your favourite eSports teams throughout the season on Stake sportsbook .

History of Dota 2

Dota 2 was released in 2013 following four years of development by Valve. It is a sequel to Defence of the Ancients (colloquially known as DOTA), and it builds upon many maps and characters in the original game. Dota 2 was released for Windows, OS X, and Linux via Stream and became one of the most-played games on the platform.

Dota 2 is a video game that is free to play, with no game elements requiring purchases. Valve makes money by selling loot boxes and a battle pass subscription called Dota Plus. Players can also buy virtual goods that aren’t tied to the gameplay, hero cosmetics and audio replacement packs, all of which provide an income stream to Valve.

Valve has also been instrumental in raising Dota 2’s profile in the eSports market, running the Dota Pro Circuit, culminating in a prestigious event called The International. Dota 2 has won several prestigious awards, including the award for best MOBA at the 2015 Global Game Awards.

Today, Dota 2 is one of the most widely-played and much-loved online games, as reflected in its popularity on the eSports calendar. From professional players, to amateurs, Dota is loved by eSports players arouind the globe. Below, we introduce some of the leagues and tournaments you can bet on at Stake.com if you’re a fan of watching eSports live throughout the season.

Dota 2 Leagues and Tournaments

The biggest event on the Dota 2 calendar is The International, the annual world championship held by Valve. It is the final event of the Dota Pro Circuit, and 20 teams compete to become Dota 2 world champions.

However, Valve has also partnered with various bodies in different parts of the world to arrange Dota 2 tournaments and events, including the following:

Fissure League

Fissure is responsible for organising the Thunderpick Bitcoin Series, one of the largest Dota 2 events on the North American calendar. You can bet on the Thunderpick series and other Fissure-organised Dota 2 events at Stake.com.

Perfect World Dota 2

Perfect World is Valve’s Chinese partner for Dota 2 events. Perfect World is responsible for scheduling several Chinese Dota Pro Circuit events, which are live-streamed by vast numbers of fans across Asia and further afield. You can bet on Perfect World Dota 2 events at the Stake Casino.

PGL Dota 2

Based in Bucharest, Romania, PGL is one of Europe’s largest Dota 2 event organisers. Specifically, PGL is responsible for hosting two Valve Majors – the Boston and Kyiv tournaments. Like Perfect World, PGL organises several events that form the Dota Pro Circuit, feeding into the International tournament – the game’s signature event.

Betting Tips, Bet Bonuses and Betting Options

Fundamentally, betting on eSports is just like betting on any other sport. You study the form and fixtures leading into an event, league, or tournament and decide whom you think will win. Check out our betting tips online to learn more.

If you’re new to eSports betting, there are several betting options specific to Dota 2 and other online games, as we introduce below:

Map winners

Every Dota 2 game is played on a map, the match’s playing field. Every map has two sides, and each team is tasked with defending their side and attacking the other.

You can place a bet on which team you think will emerge as the eventual map winner in a Dota 2 game, which is one of the most popular eSports betting options.

Map handicap

As is the case in all sports betting, a handicap can be applied to the favourites in eSports betting to level the playing field. So, you’re still betting on whom you think will win the map, but the team deemed more likely to win will start with a handicap they must overcome to succeed.

Total maps in the game

In every eSports fixture, several maps are played to determine the winner, and in Dota 2, it’s often best of five. Therefore, you can bet on the total number of maps you think will be played in a particular match-up.

Correct score in maps

In addition to Dota 2 betting on the number of maps you think will be played in a fixture, you can also bet on the final score between the two teams.

Outright winner

One of the most straightforward wagers you can place on Dota 2 betting is the outright winner of the game. Here, you are only concerned with which team emerges victorious after all maps are played, and you don’t need to worry about the margin of victory or how many maps are played during the fixture.

Moneyline (head-to-head)

In eSports, as in most major sports, the moneyline is one of the most popular bets. Here, you run through the fixtures in a tournament, league, or event and pick the teams you think will win. You can bet on one team or even bring several selections together in a parlay bet.


Outright eSports betting markets look beyond the individual fixtures and allow you to place a bet on the team you think will win a specific tournament or event. You can wait until the eve of a tournament or place an outrights bet earlier in the season; it’s entirely up to you.


As touched upon already, another Dota 2 betting option is a multibet, also known as a parlay or accumulator . In a multibet, you back several teams to win their respective fixtures and bring them together on the same slip, lengthening your odds. However, if one team lets you down, you will lose your entire multibet.

What are you waiting for? There are plenty of opportunities and a myriad of events for you to bet on your favourite team at the next Dota 2 tournament, whether you prefer pre-match betting , or live betting. Get amongst the action and discover why Stake will become your favourite bookie when it comes to betting on Dota 2 online.

Now that you know the basics, you're ready to try your hand at betting on upcoming Dota tournaments! If you're keen to learn more, check out our guide to betting on Dota 2 , our eSports betting guide , or general online sports betting guide and you'll be an expert bettor in no time.